Audio book list
A Calculating Heart
Having escaped from yet another scandal, libidinous lawyer Leo Davies has at last decided to settle down. He's going to sell his Belgravia pad and buy a family home for his son, Oliver, and he's set on marrying the lovely Camilla. But when Camilla gets stuck working on a case halfway across the world and the gorgeous Adriana - sexy, wealthy owner of a multi-million pound Greek shipping line - hires Leo as QC on her case, Leo finds that he's tempted to stray. Worse still, Adriana is as insatiable as Leo - and she always gets what she wants. has Leo finally met his match? And can a heart ever be calculating without being cruel?
Familiar Rooms In Darkness
Harry Day was a national literary treasure, renowned for his poetry, novels and plays. But his personal life has remained something of a mystery. When a young journalist, Adam Downing, is appointed his official biographer, he finds that Harry's life holds an abundance of secrets. But Adam is torn between wanting to protect Harry's reputation and his instincts as a journalist, which drive him to tell the truth at any cost. He will even risk losing the admiration and friendship of Harry's beautiful daughter, Bella. For Harry's biggest secret of all involves Bella; and Adam is well on his way to falling in love.
A Perfect Obsession
At 5 Caper Court, the powerfully charismatic, sexually ambiguous Leo Davies QC inspires strong feelings in many, feelings that sometimes border on the obsessive. There's the sexy, scheming, manipulative Sarah; Anthony, fellow tenant and close friend; charming Gideon, a civil servant on the make, politically and sexually; and sweet, smitten, junior lawyer Camilla - plenty of opportunities for a ruthless, silver-haired sophisticate to have his fun. But Leo is beginning to feel rather jaded by his hedonistic lifestyle. Perhaps what he really needs is sincerity, honest, even? Could it be that even the legendarily cool and controlling Leo will fall, and if so, for whom?
A Little Learning
Carla Tradescant loathes everything about her husband Alan. She loved him once, when he was a trendy, radical university lecturer, and she was an impressionable student. But now - a careworn headmaster in his early fifties - he has lost his appeal. As the school year begins, the allure of the young English teacher Peter Barrett proves too much, and he and Carla embark on an ill-advised affair. Meanwhile, Alan finds he has a secret of his own, as his profligate past finally catches up with him...